Turning a Leaf


Posted by admin | Posted in Local, Neighborhood Produce Exchange, Sustainability | Posted on 07-21-2010

Starting in early November 2007 as a Yahoo group, a few neighbors in Altadena, California started sharing their overabundant produce with each other. In July of 2010 with over 165 members, most of them in Altadena, it was time to turn over a new leaf. We had several years of experience and it was time now to not only share our produce, but this knowledge of how to bring a community together to share resources. We are now moving forward. Our name is now changed to an easier to recognize name. Ripe. Ripe Altadena. The Residential In-Season Produce Exchange of Altadena. It will be easier to remember and say than the previous name, CofeA, (The Co-Operative Food Exchange of Altadena), yet essentially means the same. We have been well known by CofeA, and I myself will always fondly remember it; but I am also very happy to have an easier name! My hope is that other Ripe Communities will spring from our model and that we will have a whole network of neighborhoods sharing local produce across the nation from California and Hawaii to Maine, New York and Florida.

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Gail Murphy is the founder of Ripe Altadena and Ripe Communities